Do I Have a Problem?

By asking yourself a series of specific questions regarding your lifestyle and use of intoxicating drugs or alcohol and answering them honestly, potential problems can be brought to light, recognized and effectively addressed. Below is a list of questions that may help in determining if a drug or alcohol problem exists:

  1. Do I take drugs or consume alcohol on a daily basis?
  2. Has my drug or alcohol use ever caused me to miss work, including times to buy drugs, poor time management because of drug or alcohol intoxication, or having been to intoxicate by drugs or alcohol to work?
  3. Do most of the people that I socialize with consume drugs and alcohol on a regular basis?
  4. Have I ever taken prescription drugs for the purpose of getting high.
  5. Have I ever blacked out when using drugs or alcohol?
  6. Do I ever feel the need to apologize for my behavior after I’ve been drinking or using drugs?
  7. Do I drink alcohol or use drugs when I’m alone?
  8. Has my friends or family expressed concern over my excessive drug or alcohol use?
  9. Have I ever discontinued activities that I enjoy so that I may get high or drunk?
  10. Do I ever crave drugs or alcohol immediately upon waking?
  11. Have I ever decided to stop drinking or taking drugs only to find it very difficult to stop?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may have a drug or alcohol dependence problem. If you gave a yes answer to the majority of the questions, you may require help. Remember, at Ocala, we are more than just a standard drug rehab center and we are always just a phone call away at (352) 578-1187. We are here to help you and we are ready to help you on your road to renewed health and happiness.


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