Pain Management

Opiate dependency can occur from a legitimate prescription regime designed for pain relief purposes. Gradually, as the body’s tolerance to the narcotic grows, physical and psychological dependence can result. Because many people have a legitimate purpose for taking prescription pain management medications, and the fact that doctors legally prescribe the addictive substances to patients increases the likelihood of members of the general population becoming addicted to opiates. For those that are genetically predisposed to the developing the disease of dependency, the odds of becoming dependent on pain medication is much greater. Much like alcoholism and dependency to other drugs, opiate dependency can result in negative consequences such as loss of job, financial hardship and family troubles. Because these medications are so commonly prescribed by doctors for legitimate pain management reasons, it may be difficult for an individual to realize that he or she has grown dependent on the substance. For those that believe that they have developed an dependency to opiates, the Florida Treatment Center is available for help at (352) 578-1187.

Once a person is physically dependent on pain medication, it can be very difficult to stop ingesting them. Withdraw symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and can be physically dangerous. A carefully designed detoxification program supervised and implemented by qualified medical professional is crucial to treat the dependency. Our highly skilled staff of medical doctors and therapists can assist with the physical and emotional pain that is often experience when going through opiate withdraw.

When a person stops taking pain medication, the pain that had existed prior to the onset of the dependency is often still present. Our staff is qualified to address the opiate dependency while simultaneously treating the physical pain through a holistic therapeutic approach. Skills are also taught so that the addict can deal with the original physical pain without resorting to the use of narcotics for pain management.

One of our specialties is addressing and dealing with physical pain without the use of narcotics. Some of the techniques that we use with great success include:

  • Pain psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • EMDR therapy

Opiate dependency can happen to just about anyone, as it often begins as a legitimate means for pain relief and treatment. For opiate addicts, t is important to find ways to deal with physical pain without the use of narcotics. Our program at Ocala helps those that fall into this category and struggle with dependency to pain killers. For people who are seeking relief from opiate dependency, we are available all day, every day to help at our Florida Treatment Center at (352) 578-1187.

Many people have found our treatment program to be extremely effective on road to sobriety and recovery.


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