Dual Diagnosis

Commonly, people that are afflicted with mental and psychiatric illness such as bi polar disorder and depression also suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. It is crucial that a drug or alcohol treatment plan address the underlying psychological condition along with the disease of addiction. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, thirty seven percent of alcoholics and fifty three percent of drug addicts suffer from at least on mental illness in attention to addiction. It has also been reported that twenty nine percent of the population that has a psychiatric illness also suffers from drug or alcohol addiction.

The use of intoxicating substances and alcohol can hide an underlying mental illness such as depression or bi polar disorder. Additionally, alcohol and drug abuse can heighten the severity of the symptoms associated with psychological illness. By identifying the link, treatment of the mental disorder and the disease of addiction is facilitated. Our programs address both aspects of the person’s suffering so that recovery can be hastened and effective.

A danger of relapse and falling back on old habits and life style choices is ever present for those that suffer from drug or alcohol addiction and do no address their mental disorder. Our goal is for the addict to succeed in achieving sobriety and make the road to recovery as easy as possible. By treating both the disease of addiction and underlying psychiatric disorders, we can facilitate the healing process and reduce the chance of relapse while making you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy again. We also provide you with the coping skills that are needed in the world that’s full of temptation.

Our highly trained and skilled staff of psychiatric professionals has the hands on, real life experience that is necessary for treatment of mental illness that is accompanied by drug or alcohol addiction. For those that believe their alcohol or drug abuse is compounding the problem of their mental illness, we are always available and can be reached at our Florida office any time at (352) 578-1187.

We are prepared to help those in need of our services at Ocala, Florida by helping to identify any other disorders, besides drug or alcohol addiction, and structure a plan around individuals through an integrated treatment program.

Our skilled, dedicated professionals work to treat not only the disease of drug an alcohol addiction, but also work diligently to address the underlying psychiatric problems

Because drug and alcohol detox is so critical for people that suffer from an mental illness in addition to the disease of addiction, our team carefully administers detoxification treatment that is safe and medically supervised and free of trauma.


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