Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Millions of people suffer from drug an alcohol addiction. Initially, the recreational use of intoxicating drugs and alcohol can seem harmless; something that is done only on occasion as a means to relax or enjoy the company of friends. For the drug and alcohol addict, however, the occasional recreational substance use increases in frequency and quantity. Eventually, the addiction takes control over the addict’s life and can have catastrophic consequences such as financial devastation, legal problems and family discord. Our Alcohol Treatment Program and Drug Addiction Treatment Center can assist the addict in achieving the life that was once known, by restoring relationships and providing lifelong tools that can be used to help the addict combat his or her addictions.

For those that have a genetic disposition to the disease of addiction, and with drugs and alcohol readily available in Ocala, it can be very easy to develop dependence on addictive substances. While it may be easy for some to recognize the existence of an alcohol or drug problem, addressing the problem through drug rehab and conquering addiction can be very difficult.

We offer full service drug and alcohol detox programs in the Ocala, FL region. We can be contacted twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year at (352) 578-1187. Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t take a holiday, so at Ocala, we make it a priority to be available for addiction suffers when they need our help.

We offer a variety of services that can help the drug and alcohol addicts face and conquer his or addiction. Our in house treatment center allows for private, convenient services that include:

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Full medical detox program
  • In patient drug and alcohol rehab
  • Educational and support groups
  • Transitional living treatment program

Undergoing alcohol detoxification is a crucial step in the addiction recovery process. Because of the unique way that the human body biologically interacts with and absorbs alcohol, our trained nurses and staff members are essential in initiating a safe detox program. Additionally, our staff helps address the often powerful physical and emotional symptoms that often accompany alcohol withdraw.


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